SENER Foundation’s commitment to helping the integration of the handicapped, including people with physical or cognitive disabilities, and apart from the technology devices used to access the information in this web site, according to the Accessibility Guidelines in their AA level.

Likewise, this web site has taken into account the accessibility criteria indicated in the UNE 139803:2004 standard. This is a standard that establishes a series of characteristics all web portals should comply with if they want to be accessible, also used as the basis for the ITC Accessibility Certification (Web Accessibility) currently in force in Spain.

SENER Foundation’s web site has been developed using the XHTML and CSS2 languages.

The measures adopted to guarantee accessibility are chiefly the ones indicated below:

Text size. Detail name and size of the fonts used and how to use them from the browser.

Design, browsing and interactivity. We have attempted to achieve coherent browsing in the entire web site, following the same structural outlines on all the pages.

Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + (increase text size) and Ctrl – (reduce text size).

The priority and conformity level used is AA.