Leading by example

Testimonios de personas que han formado parte de la Fundación SENER

Claudia Mejía


Huambo and Bié (Angola) – Design of an irrigation system using water pumped by wind turbines.

“The experience of working as a volunteer was very rewarding, as it helps you appreciate more what really matters. My impression of Angola is that of a country with many contrasts: on the one hand, you can see the destruction caused by the civil war, while on the other, it is a country that is full of opportunities, where there is so much to do. I was pleasantly surprised by the people we met in each of the plots we visited, by their nature, their enthusiasm and the support they offered. Nothing will change if we just carry on doing the same thing. I really encourage people to try this experience, and would highlight the great merit of the work that the Codespa Foundation’s workers are doing. It’s not charity, it’s putting yourself in the other person’s place to get a better understanding of the huge needs that Angolans have, then working as a team to create opportunities for work and the chance for them to reap their own rewards”.