Solidarity projects

Developing the socially responsible nature of engineering and technology.

Solidarity projects

Enhancing the socio-productive chain of cane sugar in Sierra de Piura

The SENER Foundation is carrying out the initial phase of the project entitled “Enhancing the socio-productive chain of cane sugar in Peru”, a process that is being developed in concert with Ingeniería para la Cooperación – Lankidetzarako Ingeniaritza (ICLI) and the University of Piura (Peru).

During this first phase, SENER engineers will be responsible for conducting a study of the production process of cane sugar and all its related industrial, social and economic aspects in order to optimise it.

By analysing the problems involved in this archaic, rudimentary, inefficient and environmentally unsound production process, its deficiencies will be identified and solutions can be proposed to improve it by exploiting the energy and resources available.

This initial study will also consider the skills and training of all the people involved in the cane sugar production process, enhancing the role of women in the family and in the local community.

In the broadest sense, the project seeks to provide the Piura region with a level of education and technology that can help it to bridge the gap with other regions or countries.